Dong Wang
Ph.D. Candidate
Imaging Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, 54 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY 14623
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Her research interest is eye tracking data quality standardization and eye tracking related image processing. Data quality is an important issue eye movement research because reliable data is the foundation of reliable analysis and conclusions. The main aspects of data quality include spatial accuracy, precision and temporal latency of the eye tracking system. In this project, besides calibration for every participant, she also puts a triggering area of interest (tAOI) before each stimulus to calculate accuracy though the whole experiment, which serves as a reference for validity check. To improve the tracking accuracy, she has done a project compensating for tracking error caused by head motion velocity of a remote eye tracker. As a PhD student in imaging science. she has also explored the bottom up feature extraction of the dermatological images and feature evaluation based on eye movement data.